Agricultural Telescopic handler application

The mini agri telescopic handler is designed specifically for agricultural use and has been made small enough to fit into low height poulty or pig sheds and although it is the perfect compliment to a larger loader, here you will see just how versatile this telescopic handler is with an excavating bucket attachment.

  • Maximum lift capacity:2.5T
  • Maximim height:5.78m
  • Height to top of cab:1.985m
  • Turning radius:3.55m

In the agricultural sector, due to the terrain and availability of purpose manufactured attachments, telehandlers have become cost saving machines that provide unrivalled functionality. Agricultural telehandler applications are becoming more varied as famers collaborate with telehandler manufacturers to create built for purpose items.

Imagine a single machine that can be used to carry bags of feed, fill the bags, and store them. Now imagine the same machine that can be used to clear dung and clean chicken houses by simply changing the attachemnt. Now you need to lift and move hay bales, stack bales or any other lifts. Agricultural telehandler usage is on the increase and we aim to meet the expectations of farmers.

View the specifications of this purpose made agricultural telehandler

Telehandlers are a farmers best friend. Talk to us, about buying or renting a telehandler. We tranport tlehandlers to site and have a wet or dry rental rate offering.

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