Construction site telescopic handler

A telescopic handler on a construction site is an incredible time saver. Take a look at the versatility of the Icarus telescopic handler making use of the forklift attachment to lift materials up to 12.7m and then the image gallery which shows alternative uses and attachments. Interested to know the rental / purchase price of an Icarus telehandler?.

  • Maximum lift capacity: 4.0T
  • Maximim height: 12.7m
  • Height to top of cab: 2.47m
  • Max speed:¬†40km/h

View some of the incredible range of telehandler attachments available when considering hiring a crane, TLB or any other equipment on your construction site. The correctly specced telehandler can function as many different pieces of equipment with the correct attachemnts.

Forks: Many different fork configurations allow you to do basic lifts as well as other more complex and delicate lifts.

Apart from replacing a foklift on site, forks offer diversity of function by being able to sling items from the forks as well.

Buckets: From light material buckets to heavier buckets, a telehandler with a bucket attachment can replace a small TLB to lift, sand, stone, cement or any other materials.

Baskets and platforms: During the finishing stages of a project, a telehandler with a platform attachment is a peice of equipment that gives workers safe, stable access to complete snag lists, clean or to repairs. These baskets and platforms have many other uses, including in factory/plant light replacements as an example.

Jibs: Adding a jib attachemt to your telehandler on your construction site adds the versatility you need to do small lifts without the need to hire a crane truck.

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